Students’ Writings

From the early years

Antarctic Journey: Anson, Bonnie, Harry, Jimmy

Bill’s Dream: Annie, Bauer, Joanna, Maggie, Selina

Bridges: Bauer, Tiffany, Willie

Dream: Chloe, Selina, Sydney, Tiffany

If I Have Three Wishes: Jay, Jennie, Joanna, Rich

If the Earth Were to Disappear: Allen, Jessica

Invention: Bauer, Bonnie, Harry, Howard, Rich, Shawn, Willie

Mary's Birthday: Bauer, Carol

My Favorite Song: Willie

My Mom: Celine, Gene, Jason, Jocelyn, Melody C, Melody W, Sam

My School: Melody C, Melody W, Sam

Nadia Comanici: Han, Ivy

Pet: Bauer, Maggie

Short Story: Allen (1), Allen (2), Amy, Andy, Berkley, Celine, Felix, Frank, Gene, Harold, Leighann, Ray, Rebecca, Sunny, Zoy (1), Zoy (2)

The Night Market: Jocelyn, Melody W, Thomas, William,

The Worst Thing that Ever Happened to Me: Han, Ivy

Trip: Chloe, Rich, Tiffany

Vanity: Apple, Bauer, Chloe, Maggie, Sydney

What a Wonderful World: Albert, Annie, Anson, Ariel, Billy, Bonnie, Christine, Dory, Han, Harry, Iris, Ivy, Jimmy, Rich, Viola