Chinese Toolbox Labels

Chinese Toolbox is a software study tool to help you learn to read Chinese. This page lists some of the terms that may be used to identify (or label) Chinese Toolbox with explanations of how or whether the term applies to Chinese Toolbox. If you’re looking for a good overview of Chinese Toolbox, check out Why Chinese Toolbox.

  1. Chinese Reader: Chinese reader here refers to a computer program for reading Chinese text, not a book as in the DeFrancis series of readers.
  2. Chinese Reading Assistant: As an assistant, Chinese Toolbox helps you to read any Chinese text that you import into the program. It is, however, much more than a reading assistant. It is a program to help you learn to read Chinese by keeping track of what you have learned and what you haven’t.
  3. Chinese Reading Program: Chinese Toolbox is a Windows program for reading Chinese.
  4. Chinese Reading Software: This refers to about the same thing as Chinese Reading Program. Strictly speaking, program refers only to the executable file; software refers to the entire product, including binary files, dictionary files, etc.
  5. Chinese Text Reader: Chinese Toolbox is a program for reading Chinese text; this text can come from any digitized source, but Internet web pages are the most common.
  6. Software for Learning Chinese: This is described extensively throughout the Chinese Toolbox website. Chinese Toolbox was developed specifically to help you learn Chinese, mainly through reading.
  7. Software for Reading Chinese: Chinese Toolbox focuses on features to learn Chinese through reading.
  8. Software to Learn Chinese: Chinese Toolbox is software to help you learn Chinese. By marking characters and words as Known, you can separate what you know from what you don’t yet know. In this way you can better focus your effort on the things you need to learn.
  9. Mandarin Reader Software: Chinese Toolbox is reader software for Mandarin Chinese.
  10. Learning Chinese Software: Chinese Toolbox is software for learning Chinese through reading.





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