Software engineer and developer, analyst,
marketeer, technical writer, teacher.

My name is Aaron Todd Sherrill, but most simply call me Todd. Since 1986, I’ve traveled frequently between Taiwan and the US, worked in many fields (mostly software development), and I speak nearly fluent Mandarin. I live in Taiwan and work as a programmer/contractor with a small consulting company in North Carolina. In December 2017, I deployed version 1 of a software system into production for a Milestone customer and have provided support for that system since.

My contract work is great but not full-time. Therefore, I’m planning to taking on some additional work, and I’m open to anything that perks my interest. Travel and relocation are certainly on the table.

If you need more information about me and what I do, check out my resume and personal history page. These should provide plenty of information for you to begin to get to know me.

And for those who can read both sides of this page, I realize that the Chinese and English messages here are not the same. Editing in English is so much simpler, and I’ve done a lot of it since translating my original message into Chinese.


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Todd Sherrill
(February 2018 - Age 57)

Todd (2018-02-14) reduced

行銷人員   客戶支援管理
作家    教 師

歡迎你來到我的網站。本人擁有 30 年在美國及台灣的專業職業生涯經歷。我住在 台灣20幾年,中文是我的第二語言,我可以很 流利的用漢語溝通。2016年一月起,我為兩個 北卡羅來納州公司設計 ASP.NET Core 網路應用程 式和 Visual FoxPro 程式。為了回台灣與家人團聚,從2017年一月 起我利用大部份的時間居住在台灣並用遠距的 方式如期完成該工作的第一期程式設計案。

目前我在第一期案件結束後,開始尋找下一個 新的挑戰事業。

以我專業的能力與背景,我相信我會是一位能 為貴公司提供最專業服務的人才。歡迎參考我 的履歷表歷史網頁




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