Reading Chinese

Chinese Toolbox is a Windows program to assist in reading Chinese. The first step in reading Chinese with Chinese Toolbox is to import a Chinese document. (See the Reader window, and the “Import Document” tab just above the Reader frame.)

Once you’ve imported a document, you can begin reading Chinese characters and Chinese words contained in the document. The primary interface for reading Chinese in Chinese Toolbox is the keyboard. After importing a document, press the right arrow key on your keyboard to select the first character in the reader text. The definition of the character will appear in the Character Dictionary window. If this character is also part of a word, the word definition will appear in the Word Dictionary window. Each time you press the right arrow key, the next character in the document will be selected with its definition shown in the dictionary window(s). Once you begin to read, you should begin marking characters and words for unassisted reading. See Read Chinese for more on this topic.