Before downloading Chinese Toolbox, you should read through the plain English terms of use and the formal End User License Agreement (EULA). Downloading the program implies your agreement with this EULA.

Download Chinese Toolbox
MD5 checksum: 30882DF90D5BC7880CCA13F7A7B3BCA0

If you want to bypass the Windows installer for Chinese Toolbox, you can download
MD5 checksum: 4400bff33e979034152acaf16d694d44

containing only the Chinese Toolbox program and text files. This allows you to install Chinese Toolbox on unsupported systems or unusual configurations. To install Chinese Toolbox manually, just copy the files in to any folder on your computer (e.g., a publicly shared folder) except “Documents\Chinese Toolbox.

You must unzip the distribution files to a folder; you can’t run Chinese Toolbox from within the ZIP file.

The “Chinese Toolbox” folder under Documents (or “My Documents”) is used by Chinese Toolbox to store the current user’s Chinese Toolbox files. Don’t install the distribution files into this user folder.