Flashcard Export

SettingsDialog12-0-2-1Flashcard export in Chinese Toolbox has been designed for integration with Pleco, Anki, and AnkiDroid.

Checkboxes in the “Select items for flashcard export” (at the bottom of the Settings dialog) determine what is written to the export files. The “Prepend category line” is designed for Pleco. If this line exists, Pleco will create flashcards for the specified category. You don’t need to select this if you intend to use the exported files in Anki.

The “Export for flashcards” command on the Chinese Toolbox File menu creates four files under a Flashcard folder in your Chinese Toolbox documents folder; e.g. , \My Documents\Chinese Toolbox\Flashcards\. The names of these four files are:

  1. Known entries (for flashcards).u8
  2. Need-to-learn entries (for flashcards).u8
  3. Unknown entries (for flashcards).u8
  4. Unknown characters in frequency list (for flashcards).u8

The last two are affected by other settings. “Unknown entries (for flashcards).u8” will contain unknown entries according to the current setting of the Unknown context menu. The “Unknown characters in frequency list (for flashcards).u8” will contain unknown characters from the current character frequency list.

Besides the category line, each line of an export file first contains a Chinese character. Data items are appended to each line according to selections made in the “Select items for flashcard export” in the Settings dialog (Pinyin, Zhuyin, Definition, and Note). Data items are tab-delimited.

To use these files in a third-party flashcard program, you will need to transfer them to whatever computer or device you want to use them on. There are many different ways to accomplish this. After exporting for Pleco (with Prepend category checkbox selected), you could connect your Android phone directly to your computer (connect as a disk) and copy the exported files to the phone. After copying, start Pleco and import your flashcard files.

When exporting for Pleco, you only need to select the “Prepend category” checkbox; the other data items are optional. In this way, Pleco will use definition and pronunciation data from the current Pleco dictionary to create the flashcards. For Anki you will need to export at least one of the selected data items in the “Select items for flashcard export” section of the Settings dialog.





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